Welfare Conditionality: WSU-ED-AS-007. [Case]

This item is part of Welfare Conditionality project.

Item Type: Case
Project: Welfare Conditionality
Case ID: WSU-ED-AS-007
Gender: Male
Age group: 40-49
Ethnicity: English / Welsh / Scottish / Northern Irish / British
Employment: Not in paid work
Relationship status: single person (below retirement)
Location: Scottish city 1
Description: Welfare Conditionality: WSU-ED-AS-007 - Interviews
Fieldworker ID: Alasdair Stewart
Fieldwork date: 2015; 2017
Subject: Primary_classification; Ex-offender; Secondary_classifications_wave_1; Ex-offenders; Jobseeker; Secondary_classifications_wave_2; Jobseeker; Secondary_classifications_wave_3
URI: http://timescapes.researchdata.leeds.ac.uk/id/eprint/445
[img] Welfare Conditionality: WSU-ED-AS-007 - Interview 1, 2015 (Interview)
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[img] Welfare Conditionality: WSU-ED-AS-007 - Interview 2, 2017 (Interview)
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