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Dynamics of Motherhood

This project explores the dynamics of family life across the generations, following the arrival of a new child. Data were generated from a diverse sample of mothers aged between 15 and 49, and a subsample of grandmothers and significant others within the same families. A creative range of methods was used, including in depth interviews and participant observation. The project was located in two geographical locations, a new town and an inner city suburb, in the South of England. It drew upon and extended the longitudinal reach and depth of an earlier project (ESRC Making of Modern Motherhoods 2005-7), which had interviewed 62 mothers and created 12 in depth case studies, gathered over two waves of interviews. For this project, two further waves of fieldwork were carried out with six of the case study samples.

  • Title: Dynamics of Motherhood
  • Data Creators: Lucy Hadfield, Mary Jane Kehily, Rachel Thomson, Sue Sharpe (Open University)
  • Dataset Publisher: University of Leeds, UK: Timescapes Archive
  • Published Date: 2011
  • Identifier: https://doi.org/10.23635/01

Dataset Citation

Hadfield, L., Kehily, J., Thomson, R. and Sharpe, S. (2011) Dynamics of Motherhood Dataset. University of Leeds, UK: Timescapes Archive. DOI: 10.23635/01

More details about this project can be found here:Dynamics of Motherhood.

Number of items: 12.

Dynamics of Motherhood: Alexis. [Case]

Dynamics of Motherhood: Anastasia. [Case]

Dynamics of Motherhood: Cody. [Case]

Dynamics of Motherhood: Deborah. [Case]

Dynamics of Motherhood: Heather. [Case]

Dynamics of Motherhood: Kim. [Case]

Dynamics of Motherhood: Lorraine. [Case]

Dynamics of Motherhood: Melanie. [Case]

Dynamics of Motherhood: Monica. [Case]

Dynamics of Motherhood: Nadia. [Case]

Dynamics of Motherhood: Sofia. [Case]

Dynamics of Motherhood: Tina. [Case]

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